Voter Guide Now Available

Published by Oakland Rising Action on

We are only 28 days away from Election Day and mail-in ballots will start to arrive at your door.

We are here to help you vote progressive this Election Season! Check out our interactive voter guide – it’s your source for all things election related – voting how-to, endorsements of local candidates, ballot measures, and state props – all grounded in our values and experiences of racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Our endorsement process is community-led. Working-class, immigrant, and people of color leaders; Flatlands voters; Oakland natives; and progressive policy experts identify candidates who most align with our values, vision, and strategy for our city. Fundamentally, we are shifting power to make Oakland a city that champions equity and centers residents most impacted by systemic racism, poverty, environmental hazards, policing, and mass incarceration.

Make your plan to vote, and use our voter guide to decipher how to vote.


You can also join us for a *virtual* ballot party and happy hour on Thursday, October 8th from 6 – 8pm. We’ll be sharing our analysis of key candidate races and critical issues on our ballots. This is our chance to choose our next leaders – locally and beyond – and pass initiatives to resource and build up our communities. Get the information you need from a source you trust at our ballot party this Thursday.

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