Voting ends soon

Published by Oakland Rising Action on

Can you feel the anticipation in the air? Are you feeling anxious about this election? Or have you been thinking this is one election you might sit out? There are only a couple of hours left before voting locations close. Some races are polling way too close to call. Too many folks in our communities scaled incredibly high hurdles to vote or are prevented altogether from voting – immigrants, unhoused neighbors, formerly incarcerated family members. Harness the power of your vote to help give a voice to those who are locked out of the system!

Our work doesn’t stop today. We need to continue to show up for each other tomorrow. Today, we cast votes. Tomorrow, we count and step into the streets to organize.

Although 22 million people registered to vote in California, only half of the ballots have been returned according to the Secretary of State’s office. This is our time to show up for one another. Our collective strength and power at the ballot box will determine what the next four years of those in political office look like. We need new voices and policies in Oakland, California, and nationwide.

If you or someone you know still needs to turn in their ballot:
– Find a voting location here (yes, you can drop off your ballot at ANY voting location in Alameda County) by 8pm
– Drive-thru ballot drop off available at ALL voting locations
– Find your local ballot drop box by 8pm (ballots are collected hourly from the drop boxes)

Need to register to vote? California allows you to register and vote on Election Day. Visit a voting location to register and receive your provisional ballot (aka absentee ballot).

Never received your ballot in the mail or need a replacement ballot? You can receive a new or replacement ballot at ANY voting location.

If you or anyone you know faced/s an issue at a voting location, whether it be voter intimidation or voter suppression – please report the incident here.

Thanks to all the 20+ volunteers that signed up to help us monitor the elections, we are able to cover all 26 voting locations throughout Oakland! Our goal is to ensure that voters have a smooth process at the polls and do not come across any administrative or technical issues (or even voter intimidation) at voting locations.