Vote Rebecca Kaplan for City Council Representative At-Large

Published by Oakland Rising Action on

Rebecca Kaplan is a proven advocate for racial and economic justice, and has shown considerable growth as a council member for the past eleven years. Her wide array of initiatives to improve quality of life, jobs, and safety throughout the city speak to her values of equity and justice. Rebecca has an impressive track record of progressive policy wins in Oakland, such as:

  • Fighting for the strongest and most independent police oversight commission possible.
  • Authoring Measure JJ, which voters passed in 2016 to protect renters from excessive rent increases and wrongful evictions.
  • Improving air quality for local communities by representing Oakland on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board and obtaining millions of dollars for vital Oakland projects
  • Protecting publicly-owned land for the public good.

Rebecca’s opponent, Derrek Johnson, could not be further from Rebecca’s values-driven approach. Johnson has opposed commonsense policies such as paid sick days for Oakland workers. He has received substantial donations from big business interests, including real estate developers who have been driving Oakland’s affordable housing crisis. A vote for Johnson is a vote for profits over people.

In the wake of a pandemic and climate disaster, we cannot afford to lose Rebecca’s leadership. She is the candidate who is open to accountability, sticks with the community and puts working families first. Let’s vote for a leader who we can trust.