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Our hearts are full of gratitude to all the attendees at last Thursday’s 2023 Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards! The room was FULL of beautiful people from all across Oakland. With all of our wonderful volunteers, staff, sponsors, co-hosts, Townies, and attendees like you – OPP was such a success and an amazing night full of love, collective power, and hope! From Chef Chris Evan’s tasty sliders to the line dancing tracks mixed by our wonderful Emcee and DJ Davey D, this evening was definitely one for the books.

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This was our once-a-year opportunity to come together with over 200 like-minded individuals to celebrate and reflect on our collective efforts to build a more just Oakland. It was also a powerful reminder of the wins we’ve made as well as the work that awaits us and the need to continue to build progressive political power in Oakland and all of Alameda County.

Congratulations to all our Townies, who truly deserved the recognition for all of their outstanding contributions in making our town what it is:

  • Townie of the Year: Saabir Lockett
  • Culture Maker Townie: Sogorea Te’ Land Trust 
  • Government Official Townie: Councilmember Carroll Fife 
  • Local Business Townie: Mandela Grocery 

Their acceptance speeches had us in tears. Missed the heartfelt acceptance speeches event? You can still watch our Facebook Live of the Townie Awards recording here:

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Thanks for being a part of the Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards, for sharing in our celebration of our local cultural-makers, and helping us envision a new Oakland for all.