Oakland Rising Action Endorses Alysse Castro for Alameda County Superintendent of Schools

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liz suk
Executive Director, Oakland Rising Action

OAKLAND, CA – Today, Oakland Rising Action, a community-led political organization focused on supporting candidates and issues that drive a progressive agenda for working-class, immigrant and communities of color living in the flatlands, endorsed Alysse Castro for Superintendent of Schools in Alameda County.

Alysse Castro is currently the Executive Director of San Francisco County Schools. She was also recently recognized as an Alameda Local Hero for her work as President of Alameda Family Services – a community agency providing $7 million dollars of early childhood, school-based wellness, and family support to our kids, and which serves as a model for how to embed systems of support in public schools. 

Alysse Castro’s commitment to breaking the school-to-prison pipeline shows in her work – she is a bold and progressive advocate for youth caught in the system and creating equitable public schools that stop criminalizing our Black and Brown youth,” said liz suk, Executive Director of Oakland Rising Action. “She is a fierce and powerful leader who can lead the way not only for reform, but for transformation of the Oakland Unified School District to better serve and prioritize the needs of youth, families, and teachers every step of the way. Her deep expertise in school finance and systems – with the promise to make this process transparent for everyone – increases inclusivity and engagement and an effective school administration.” 

Alysse Castro understands that our schools are community centers where we should support whole families as well as students to fulfill their full potential. With experience in the classroom as a teacher to management experience to training experience, she understands at multiple levels how the public school system works. She has committed to ending the privatization and closing of public schools that have most deeply impacted schools with majority Black and Brown students.

During the start of her teaching career, Alysse Castro was closely mentored by her mother, also a teacher, and other veteran teachers who taught alongside at urban schools, which fueled her motivation to complete her Masters degree to serve underserved students and overworked teachers. After graduating with her Masters in Educational Leadership from UC Berkeley, Alysse taught youth on probation at a continuation high school and where she honed her practice in Alternative Education. She has successfully served 25 years as a teacher, principal, and now the Executive Director of SF County Schools.

Castro is endorsed by the Alameda County Teachers Association, Alameda Labor Council, California Teachers Association, and every local teachers’ association in the county that has endorsed in the race. Her expertise, dedication, and recognition is what drives Oakland Rising Action to endorse Alysse Castro for County Superintendent of Schools.

To learn more about Alysse Castro’s campaign, please visit Alysse.net.