Nikki Fortunato Bas for Supervisor District 5

Published by Beth Gunston on

Nikki Fortunato Bas officially declared her candidacy for the Alameda County District 5 Supervisor seat. We are honored to offer our full support and sole endorsement to the current City Council member, long-time community leader and advocate for the esteemed position. Bas’s leadership and commitment across decades of experience positions her as a champion for Alameda County and its constituents. From her work as Executive Director of East Bay Alliance for Sustainable Economy to her current position as Oakland City Council President, her deep belief in governing with residents and equitable democracy is evident in her principled partnerships with community organizations and the accomplishments we have won together.

District 5 includes parts of Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Albany and Piedmont.

We need representatives on the Board of Supervisors (BOS) who will tirelessly fight for policies and budgets that uplift all residents, placing emphasis on:

  • Providing housing for everyone, 
  • Funding alternatives to public safety,
  • Expanding public health and mental health services, and
  • Protecting tenants.

The current Board is composed of Supervisors who have taken limited action to curb the eviction crisis that is pushing out working families, our most vulnerable county residents. This happens as they continue to give vast amounts of county funds to the sheriff to lock up people and criminalize our communities while denying funding the structures that keep us safe: healthcare, affordable housing, jobs with thriving wages, and mental health support. This election offers a big opportunity to change how our public money is distributed by the BOS.

We support Nikki Fortunato Bas because of her progressive, values-aligned leadership, which places economic justice at its core. We believe that we can continue to work side by side with Bas towards a future that serves the needs and aspirations of every member of our community and hold her accountable to the needs of the community when we lack alignment.

With Alameda County recently announcing a budget surplus, we need leadership that believes in co-governance and equitable democracy to prioritize a transparent and accountable budget process. As a long-time Executive Director of local and national non-profits that advance economic justice, her unwavering leadership on the Oakland City Council, her commitment as a mother, partner and community resident, that this leadership is found within Bas. She has dedicated her career to advocating for workers, low-income communities and small businesses.

Bas knows how to get the job done. A few of her numerous accomplishments include: 

  • leading efforts to help secure $350,000,000 for up to 2,400 housing units for homeless and working families; 
  • establishing a $14,000,000 Fund to assist low-income housing insecure tenants to purchase homes; 
  • expanding violence prevention and anti-sex trafficking programs; and 
  • launching Fire Department mobile crisis teams to address mental health and 911 calls.

The election primaries for Alameda County D5 Supervisor seat will take place on March 5,  2024. To learn more about Nikki Fortunato Bas and her campaign, please visit her official website at