Vote Yes on Measure B

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Vote Yes on Measure B

March 5 is the deadline to vote Yes on Measure B to save millions of dollars on special recall elections and protect democracy.

A recall is an election process that removes elected officials from their positions before they complete their term. It is not like other democratic procedures because it does not require the support of the majority of voters. In Alameda County, the current charter procedures on how to conduct recalls have not been updated since 1926.

Alameda County is vastly different from 1926. However, over the last year, our county has been faced with its first recall attempt, led by a small cohort of conservatives and millionaires wanting to undermine our democracy and stifle support for progressive policies we support. They aim to disrupt the work of our elected officials who the majority of voters have democratically chosen to represent us.

Measure B is a charter amendment to improve the county’s recall procedures. Approved to be on the ballot by the majority of the Board of Supervisors, Measure B is a positive step toward good governance of our county elections process. The current Alameda Charter Section 62 which describes how a recall is to be conducted is unconstitutional and unfeasible to implement. Measure B would simply align our county charter recall procedures to state election law like every other county charter in California.

Oakland Rising Committee supports Measure B because recalls must not be abused by a minority of voters who disagree with progressive policies. Recall elections cost taxpayers millions of dollars, almost three times the cost of a regular election. We believe that our taxpayer dollars must be invested in community programs and services NOT special recall elections.

Alameda County, let’s get our election procedures in alignment with the rest of California and get refocused on improving our county for all.


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