35in5 – This week only!!!

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Winning elections doesn’t happen overnight. It involves months of educating and mobilizing our base of over 62,000 supportive Oakland voters – that’s 25% of all Oakland voters! Help us raise $35,000 over the next 5 days to make it happen!

Throw down for Oakland here!

As an organization representing Oakland residents who believe in racial, economic, and environmental justice, Oakland Rising Action operates from the same values as us — inclusion, fairness, transformation, love, and liberation. Now is the time to support this work to magnify the voices of our community and bring a true moral and political compass back to Oakland and beyond. I hope you will join me in throwing down for the Town!

Are you ready to fuel the change you want the Town to see? Consider:

  • $500 for the 500+ Oakland voters they will speak to each day leading up to elections
  • $250 towards recruiting 250 volunteers in 2018
  • $100 for the hundreds of signatures we’re collecting to qualify crucial issues like the Schools Funding Act (schoolfundingnow.com) for the fall ballot
  • $50 which is about dollar a week for the year
  • $25 for each of the 25+ precincts in which they’ll knock on doors
  • $10 because you believe in our work!

In solidarity,

Thank you!

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