$30k in 7 Days…Time to Throw Down for the Town!

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Help us to elect the progressive candidates the Town needs!

Can we count on you to pitch in to help fund the critical work of Oakland Rising Action?

We have less than 30 days left until the election to win the candidates and ballot measures the Town needs!  We need to raise $30,000 in 1 week to make it happen (between our c3 and c4).  While giving to our c4 isn’t tax deductible, it means so much because it allows us to do hard-hitting candidate work.

Help us seize the opportunity to elect progressives who will push for strong protections to keep tenants, working class homeowners, and long-time residents in their homes. We need community champions who will ensure that development happens without displacement and with benefits for long-time residents, such as deeply affordable, stable housing and good, living wage jobs.

The candidates who we support will focus on shifting priorities in Oakland politics to focus on displacement and police accountability, and will work with community members and progressive organizations to develop grassroots-led policy solutions to address community needs and ensure that the people of Oakland are a priority.

We need you to help us win big this election! Pitch in today to fund our effort to elect visionary leaders for Oakland.

It’s going to take voters coming out in full force to create these changes. Please donate to our effort today!

You can contribute here today to our c4 (not tax deductible, but needed right now to help support our voter outreach about candidates) or here to donate to our c3 (still very helpful, and tax deductible).

We appreciate your support!

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