Hiring Our Next Exec. Director – The Search Is On!

Published by Beth Gunston on

Over the past six months, our Leadership Transition Committee has been working hard to prepare for Executive Director Jessamyn Sabbag’s leadership transition.  We are deeply grateful to Jessmyn for the passion, vision, commitment, and heart that she has brought to OR over her last 12 impactful years of power building. 

We need you to help us find the next Director for Oakland Rising and Oakland Rising Action!

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These times are asking us to lean into our vision of a better world, and start building it now. As we face unparalleled challenges of a global pandemic, overt fascism and white supremacist/state violence, we also are in the midst of a beautiful uprising calling for a new vision of community safety and care, declaring the truth that Black Lives Matter. As we start to envision a new direction for Oakland, we are ready and excited to welcome a new leader who will push Oakland Rising Action forward during this moment of change, lead strategy for ORA, and raise the funds needed to make our work possible.

We seek a skilled political strategist with deep roots and relationships in Oakland who has past experience in community organizing, base-building, and coalition-building.  We are looking for someone who knows how to run and win both policy and political campaigns.  We need someone who will confidently cultivate and build the relationships with supporters, donors, funders, and allies necessary to sustain and grow the OR and ORA projects and who understands the importance of building the power of movement organizations. As a collaborative of racial, economic and environmental justice groups, our next Executive Director will build on our track record of winning policies centered on justice for all our people.

Please help us find the right person by sharing this email and job description widely.

Do you or someone you know want to lead an organization making direct impacts towards racial and economic justice immediately, build the power of the people over the long term, and synergize like-minded organizations to be greater together than individually? Check out the full job description to learn more about the experience and characteristics for which we are seeking. 

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