Thank You, Oakland!

Published by Beth Gunston on

Thank you to everyone who got out to vote! We led with values and vision, driving a progressive agenda. We believe that Oakland can and should be a city that champions equity, that puts the issues and agendas of our neighbors who have been most impacted by systemic racism, poverty, neglect, environmental hazards and incarceration at the center of our city’s agenda. While there is still work to be done, we are so proud of our wins including:

electing Nikki Fortunato Bas and Sheng Thao to city council, two progressive women of color who unapologetically stand for their values and the people with common sense solutions;

passing Measure Z to protect hotel workers from sexual harassment and wage theft;

passing Measure Y to extend just cause eviction protections to 8,000 more Oaklanders; and

stopping Prop 5, the corporate attempt to take money away from our schools and communities.

And though the effort to restore the power of local communities to pass rent control via Prop 10 did not garner enough support statewide to pass, we are proud to say that as a result of our voter education and mobilization, Alameda County was one of the two counties where the majority of voters supported it.

Our political program, led by four amazing women of color, managed our campaign teams and about 250 volunteers who together:

– contacted over 14,000 Oakland voters;

– identified 12,446 supportive voters;

– knocked on over 10,000 doors; and

– made over 107,000 phone calls.

Thank you for joining together with us by voting for new leaders who work for all of us, not just the wealthy few, and issues that lift up racial and economic justice.