Oakland Rising Action Endorses Pamela Price for Alameda County District Attorney

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Today, Oakland Rising Action, a community-led political organization focused on supporting candidates and issues that drive a progressive agenda for working-class, immigrant and communities of color living in the flatlands, endorsed civil rights attorney and champion of justice Pamela Price to be Alameda County’s next District Attorney.

“We are excited to support Pamela Price in her race for District Attorney, and look forward to standing alongside her in our pursuit of major criminal justice reform. Pamela has worked her entire career as an attorney holding corporations, education systems and law enforcement agencies accountable on behalf of working people, immigrants, and communities of color,” said liz suk, Executive Director of Oakland Rising Action. “Oakland Rising Action has worked to ensure that the voices of people across the county are listened to and acted on, and we look forward to having a District Attorney like Pamela who will end the status quo and usher in a new era of reform for real justice.”

“I am elated to have earned the support of Oakland Rising Action. Their work to make sure, those most often left behind by our systems are heard by people in positions of power is critical in ending the disparities that plague our criminal justice system. As a Black woman and the only woman and elected democrat in the race for DA, I know how important representation is, particularly when it comes finding and administering justice,” said Price. “As Alameda County’s next DA I will fight to create a compassionate justice system that is accountable, just, transparent and most importantly increases public safety.”

Oakland Rising Action (ORA) engages in voter education and GOTV operations that encourage working-class, immigrant, and communities of color to think critically about voting for or against issues, policies and candidates based on our shared dreams of health, happiness, safety, and opportunity for all.

Alameda County’s criminal justice system is broken, all the candidates running for District Attorney agree. Currently more than 60% of charges brought against adults were non-violent, low-level offenses that could have been directed to diversion programs. A recent report from the U.S. Department of Justice study found that from 2009 to 2017, only 229 cases were prosecuted in the Behavioral Health Court in Alameda County. That is barely two cases per month every year. The status quo of the leadership in the DA’s office is not working. The time for change is now.The statewide primary will take place on June 7, 2022. The general election will follow on November 8, 2022.

Oakland Rising Action is a community-led political organization focused on supporting candidates and issues that drive a progressive agenda for Oakland’s working-class, immigrant and communities of color living in the flatlands of Oakland. Through a thorough process that includes a written questionnaire and panel and/or individual interviews, Oakland Rising Action endorses those candidates that most align with our values, vision, and emerging progressive strategy for Oakland. To ensure that alignment, our endorsement process engages activists, organizers and leaders of Oakland’s progressive left at all stages.

As a courageous civil rights attorney and political activist working to advance the cause of justice, Pamela Price has a demonstrated track record of supporting progressive change and fighting for fair, compassionate and racial and gender justice. Price has always been a fighter – from surviving foster care and the juvenile justice system herself to going on to graduate from Yale and U.C. Berkeley School of Law. She has spent most of her legal career fighting for justice on behalf of women, workers, low-income people, and communities of color, even arguing successfully before the United States Supreme Court.

Price‘s campaign website (www.pamelaprice4da.com/platform) breaks down her platform into 10 basic points in the race for County District Attorney. The points range from creating effective reentry strategies for returning residents to establishing more robust and progressive metrics for prosecutorial accountability. Price is determined to restore public trust in Alameda County’s criminal justice system. She is the only progressive, corporate-free grassroots candidate in the race.

For more information on the Price Campaign, check out the website at www.PamelaPrice4DA.com