Oakland Rising Action Opposes Recall of DA Pamela Price



Contact: Jocelyn Cansino, Jocelyn@OaklandRisingAction.org

December 14, 2023


Oakland, CAEarlier this year, a political action committee named Save Alameda For Everyone (SAFE) filed and began to gather signatures to recall recently elected District Attorney Pamela Price. Oakland Rising Action stands firmly in opposition to the recall efforts underway for District Attorney Pamela Price.

Our current criminal justice system is dysfunctional and disproportionately targets Black and Brown communities. DA Pamela Price’s leadership on diversion programs, ending the practice of charging youth as adults, and investing in community are not why our communities feel unsafe.

Under former DA Nancy O-Malley, former Mayor Libby Schaaf and the current Board of Supervisors, millions in emergency funding were divested from community safety. Our elected leaders failed to invest resources into building affordable housing, increasing emergency rental assistance to prevent the current eviction crisis, and investing in the supports to get residents back on their feet after the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. Our law enforcement has failed to do their job to investigate the clear organized crime that has plagued Oakland and Alameda County. This is the broken system that DA Price inherited earlier this year and is committed to fixing – but it will take more than her first year in office and she can’t do it alone.

We are clear that right-wing well-funded groups like SAFE have bombarded us with false narratives that our recently elected DA is the sole reason crime is increasing in Oakland and Alameda County. Local tech, real estate, and oil corporations along with their wealthy associates who made record profits during the worst economic moments of our recent history are using their profits to promote false solutions like this recall, the expansion of the death trap Santa Rita Jail, and ending the eviction moratorium so they can make more profits on the backs of our community. We must stand against their right-wing agenda and ensure that we protect our democratically-elected officials and the vision we have to prevent further displacement of our working-class, immigrant, and communities of color.

We call on our elected leaders to take action to stand with DA Pamela Price and do their job to address the root cause of violence. 

 This recall is wasting much needed county resources on executing a potential special election and an illegal, antiquated recall process that deters from the urgent needs of our community. That is why Oakland Rising Action will continue to engage Alameda County residents in voter education and GOTV operations that encourage working-class, immigrant, and communities of color to think critically about voting for or against issues, policies and candidates based on our shared dreams of health, happiness, safety, and opportunity for all. We will mobilize to defeat this recall and send a clear message to proponents that Alameda County believes in addressing the dysfunctional criminal justice system AND investing in our communities to bring about community safety.

Make a commitment for equitable democracy today and refuse to sign SAFE’s recall petition. 




Oakland Rising Action (ORA) is a community-led political organization focused on supporting candidates and issues that drive a progressive agenda for Oakland’s working-class, immigrant and communities of color living in the flatlands of Oakland. ORA engages in aggressive voter education and GOTV operations that encourage Oakland’s working-class, immigrant, and communities of color to think critically about voting for or against issues, policies and candidates based on our shared vision and values for an Oakland for all.