2021 General Election

Vote for a Just Recovery Plan

As California and the rest of our country is set to reopen this summer, it is crucial we continue to push for a People’s Just Recovery Plan that prioritizes our most vulnerable and impacted communities of color. Oakland Rising Action endorses progressive candidates who promise to drive bold change for our town and who will continue to champion our shared values of racial, economic, and environmental justice. The 2021 Special Election is set for August. Eligible voters should register to vote by June 14th. Vote-by-mail ballots will begin to arrive in the first week of June, and voters will have until June 29th to cast their ballots for the primary elections.

We Support Elected Leaders Who:

  • Fight for bold, progressive systemic change
  • Prioritize economic, racial, and environmental justice
  • Possess a clear racial analysis and understand the roots of systemic oppression
  • Center low-income folks, people of color, immigrants, incarcerated and other disenfranchised communities
  • Champion a community-investment budget, particularly for the COVID crisis and recovery
  • Advocate for just development, tenants, long-term residents, workers, and the homeless
  • Bring a community-driven perspective on safety, focused on prevention and police accountability
  • Take an organizing approach to politics with strong roots in flatlands neighborhoods

Endorsements Driven by Grassroots Leaders & Our Values

Oakland Rising Action’s endorsement process is community-led. Working-class, immigrant, and people of color leaders; Flatlands voters; Oakland natives; and progressive policy experts identify candidates who most align with our values, vision, and strategy for our city. We then get out the vote in Oakland’s disenfranchised communities through education, mobilization and turnout. Fundamentally, we are shifting power to make Oakland a city that champions equity and centers residents most impacted by systemic racism, poverty, environmental hazards, policing, and mass incarceration.