Oakland Rising Action endorses candidates who champion the issues of Oakland’s working-class, immigrant, and communities of color. Janani Ramachandran is committed to fighting for the following issues with concrete policy solutions:


  • End unjust evictions and foreclosures.
  • Repeal Costa Hawkins and the Ellis Act which proliferate gentrification, keep folks unhoused, and allow for evictions of long-term rent controlled tenants. Janani would implement a right to free counsel in eviction proceedings because it is unjust that 90% of landlords have a lawyer, but 90% of tenants do not. 
  • Implement a 10-year comprehensive plan along the lines of Roadmap Home 2030 that takes into consideration the various needs of our unhoused. 
  • Fund 10 year plan with redevelopment dollars. We should fully restore the ability of local governments to use redevelopment authorities to fund social housing for low and very low-income communities, and private affordable housing for teachers, nurses, firefighters, seniors, low-income families and the homeless. 
  • Create a state agency tasked with addressing housing and homelessness crises. 
  • Invest in building more affordable and middle-class housing – near high-density transit – so that people can live where they work, thus reducing VMTs (vehicle miles traveled). 


  • Push to defund the police and reduce their role in our communities immediately, in a step toward abolition.
  • Push to close existing prisons and reduce prison populations. 
  • Fight against any attempts to expand police and prison budgets, as well as new facilities.
  • Fight for investment into restorative justice programs and culturally-competent, trauma-informed mental health services. 
  • End qualified immunity for all police officers who cause harm. 
  • Investment in non-police interventions and community-based mental health response programs similar to MACRO 
  • Investment in our youth and getting SROs out of our schools. California must go further to address students’ needs rather than punish them, and divert them away from formal court proceedings as much as possible. 


  • Implement a single-payer healthcare system, and enact AB 1400 or and subsequent legislation 
  • Investment into culturally competent and trauma-informed healthcare
  • Investment into reproductive healthcare including PrEP/PEP and gender-affirming care 

Economic opportunity

  • Align the minimum wage to California’s true cost of living, at least $22/hr, which will lift millions of California families out of poverty while strengthening our local economies by creating a thriving middle class.
  • Allocate more funding for public education and push for local control over our schools, but work with the state to expedite OUSD paying the debt
  • Tap into the our current $15B budget surplus to fund a small business grant programs, both to help small businesses pay living wages and to recover from the impacts of the pandemic 
  • Author and support bills that ensure that all workers have the rights, resources, information, and tools to organize without penalty. And I would actively counter any attempts at inequitably expanding the power of employers, and push back against policies that make it more difficult for workers to join a union and otherwise advocate for their rights.


  • Pass a Green New Deal with a racial equity lens – to transition away from fossil fuel and other extractive industries and also create hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs in the clean energy, clean transportation, and similar green economies. 
  • Push for the electrification of buses and other transit, and expand access to public transit for low-income communities. 
  • Reward clean energy businesses through incentives. 
  • Push to codify an ambitious mid-century greenhouse gas reduction target to ensure continued momentum on climate action. 
  • Hold accountable polluting corporations including by implementation of higher carbon taxes and fiscal penalties that go beyond the current penalties and payments that are built into the CCIs (California Climate Investments) that do charge companies for their carbon emissions within a cap-and-trade operation model. 
  • Implement legislation that would require published metrics and understandable, widely published data on the local environmental impacts of corporate practices, including corporate activity impacts on air pollution, soil quality, air quality, water quality, and rates of asthma and respiratory disease around specific environmentally-impacting business activities in the oil and gas industry. 



      (The following content is taken from Janani Ramachandran’s official campaign website)

      Janani is an East Bay native. She is the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants from a small South Indian village who worked tirelessly every day to give her the opportunity to pursue her dreams. Janani’s passion for justice was evident at an early age. At 16, while relocating to India for a few years, she founded a nonprofit that built libraries in under-resourced schools in her local community. After graduating from Stanford University, Janani worked as a home-visiting case manager at a community health clinic, serving immigrant mothers experiencing domestic violence and homelessness.

      Witnessing the horrors her clients faced at the hands of our inequitable legal system, she was driven to make a difference as a lawyer and attended Berkeley Law. There, Janani represented tenants facing eviction from some of Oakland’s most notoriously corrupt landlords. This inspired her to want to affect change at a higher level. She has previously served on the Oakland Public Ethics Commission, and currently serves on the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs. She recently worked as an attorney at Family Violence Appellate Project, pursuing legal appeals and advocacy efforts to improve access to justice for all survivors of abuse.

      Janani is running for State Assembly because the time for timid ideas is over. We need bold solutions and leaders with the courage to fight for them.

      With your help, we can put the people first in Sacramento and have California’s first South Asian Assemblywoman, and first LGBTQ API Assemblywoman – by electing Janani Ramachandran, who is fearless in the fight for justice.

      If elected, Janani would be just 1 of 3 tenants in our Legislature, out of 120 lawmakers.



      Janani is running for State Assembly in District 18 because of the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, and worsening income inequality, environmental catastrophes, and racial injustices. These problems demand a fresh perspective from a leader who has been working directly with her communities for years. California doesn’t need just another Democrat in Sacramento – we need a bold advocate who isn’t bought by corporate interest groups and who will deliver real progressive change for Californians.

      Janani’s fearlessness in the fight for justice starts with six key policy principles:

      – Housing is a human right. We must proclaim that right, beginning by enacting a moratorium on all evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic, by providing better services for our houseless neighbors, and by repealing oppressive laws such as Costa Hawkins and the Ellis Act.

      – Economic opportunity is a human right. Every Californian deserves the ability to have a stable job and economic independence. We must prioritize the growth and development of small businesses in the post-pandemic recovery period.

      – Safety in our homes and communities is a human right. We must radically re-imagine our criminal justice system to heal survivors and perpetrators of harm in order to end toxic cycles of violence. We can start by prioritizing proven interventions, including transformative justice programs and mental health services with a culturally centered lens.

      – Healthcare is a human right. We must implement our own Medicare for All network because every Californian deserves quality care.

      – A living wage is a human right. We must align the minimum wage to California’s true cost of living – at least $22.00/hr – which will lift millions of California families out of poverty while strengthening our economy.

      – Clean air is a human right. We must enact a Green New Deal quickly, because California’s extreme climate events and deadly toxic pollutants harm us all, especially low-income communities of color.