Oakland Fair Elections Briefing

Published by Oakland Rising Action on

“Across 2014, 2016, 2018, less than 1% of Oaklanders participated in contributing to Oakland candidates. It’s not because they don’t give, it’s because nobody asked them. Nobody knocked on their door to say, will you contribute? There’s an assumption that people of color, immigrant communities, formerly incarcerated people, don’t care. And in fact, they care the most because they are mostly impacted by the policies that are in place.” – liz suk

The Fair Elections Oakland Act, a measure backed by a large coalition of grassroots base-building organizations, is uniquely poised to enact real change with an innovative program that will bring greater transparency and accountability in the Oakland. If passed, this measure will:

Create Democracy Dollars: Equip all certified Oakland residents with four $25 certificates to contribute to candidates of their choosing.

Enact Greater Transparency: Requires the top 3 highest contributors to be disclosed on all types of political advertisements.

Impose Contribution Limits: Lower individual contribution limits (to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for committees).

Limit Lobbying: Close the revolving door of top officials becoming lobbyists after leaving office, instituting a three-year ban on the practice. 

“Oakland is a launching pad. It’s a first step in this effort to build a more representative democracy across the state of California.”Jonathan Mehta Stein