2017 Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards

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Oakland Rising Action’s 2017 Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards brings together social justice leaders, elected officials and community members committed to working together to build a united Oakland for everyone. Together, We will raise over $30,000 in community support to power our work to develop and elect progressive leaders who will champion racial, economic & environmental justice.

This year, our event will be in the Oakland Museum sculpture gardens (1000 Oak Street, Oakland CA) from 5:30 – 8:30pm.

HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT? Buy some tickets and come to the party! And/or become an event sponsor, have your organization represented on promotional and event materials, and attend the event of the year!

For more information contact Beth at: (510) 261-2600 or jds@oaklandrisingaction.org

Purchase tickets and sponsorships here!